County Road Closings & Conditions


The County Engineer reviews all major subdivision plans as well as conducting inspections of the actual construction.  Minor subdivisions (lot splits) are reviewed by the County Engineer on behalf of the regional planning commission.  Copies of both subdivision regulations and technical  design standards are available at the office of the Champaign County Engineer.

Champaign County Conveyance Standards

The Champaign County Conveyance Standards were adopted on October 1, 2001. As directed by sections 315.251, 319.203, and other sections of the Ohio Revised Code, and to provide a consistent method of review, the following standards are hereby adopted to govern the conveyance of real property to be transferred on the tax list of Champaign County and survey plats and descriptions of real property to be provided in conjunction with such conveyances.


The intent of these standards is to insure proper and accurate descriptions of property, to correct any errors that are evident, and to insure that property is accurately described for tax purposes.  It is understood that all situations cannot be covered by these requirements and when situations not covered arise they will be handled as special cases and will be interpreted by the County Engineer’s Office and the County Auditor’s Office.


Authors of instruments of conveyance in which the legal description of the most recent conveyance does not carry a prior County Engineer approval stamp are strongly encouraged to submit descriptions to be reviewed by the County Engineer prior to the anticipated date of conveyance. While we understand it would require additional time for the document to be processed, we find it is necessary to give ample time for the review.  This procedure will help avoid delays and allow time for any corrections that are necessary. Documents will be reviewed on a “first in, first out” basis and will not be subject to any deadlines or closing dates.