General Procedures

A board of three County Commissioners serves as the general administrative body for county government.  Champaign County Commissioners are elected to a four-year term. Given specific and limited authority by Title III of the Ohio Revised Code, Champaign County Commissioners hold title to all county owned properties, serve as the sole taxing authority for the county and control county purchasing.  Most importantly, the Champaign County Commissioners are the budget and appropriating authority for county government which includes all county agencies and elected officials (Sheriff, Auditor, Treasurer, Courts, etc.) The role of the county commissioner is an ever expanding role. The commissioner's hear and rule on annexation petitions, they can create and operate water and sewer districts and provide for the proper disposal of solid waste. They have many departments under their realm in order to provide the maximum service to the citizens they serve. The Board of County Commissioners are leaders. They must promote public-private partnerships in human services, economic development, health and infrastructure development. The Board of County Commissioners are the visionaries of the county. They must work closely with all other elected officials to assure that they too are properly funded. The most important attribute of a county commissioner is the ability to lead, listen to the needs of citizens and other elected officials, to compromise, and to develop a consensus on priority issues to improve the county.

While the Commissioners work diligently to listen to the heartbeat of the community, the administrative offices serve to implement their directives and oversee the distribution of monies to the departments. The functions of these departments are diverse and require the expertise of specialists to run each operation.

The Board relies on the Clerk/Administrator to run the day to day operations of the county.  Mrs. Andrea Millice, is the Clerk/Administrator, appointed by the Champaign County Commissioners.  Mrs. Millice has served in this capacity since February 3, 2003. She is responsible for the administrative and financial activities of the County Commissioners Office, which include management of the county budget. The Clerk/Administrator's responsibilities also include, but are not limited to: county budget administration, development and implementation of county policies and procedures, legislative activities, development and management of the county's health and safety programs, liaison and coordination with county boards, and supervises the Commissioners' staff and department heads.

The Clerk of the Board of Commissioners is appointed by the Board and is charged with keeping full and accurate records of the proceedings of the Board and a general index of these proceedings. The Clerk records any legal action decided by the Board and the votes by which the decision is reached. The County Commissioners and staff are alert and sensitive to the long-term impact of our decisions and listen to the needs of our citizens. We lead, compromise, cooperate and develop a consensus on priority issues, for the betterment of our community.